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POSITION TITLE:    Neighborhood Advisor

PROGRAM:              Senior Services                              

PART-TIME:              20 Hours Per Week

WORK WEEK:          Monday, Wednesday, Friday* | *May require some weekends


Position Summary

Neighborhood Advisor Program (NAP) provides information and assistance to adults ages 60+ with the greatest social and economic need.  They serve as a liaison between clients and resources within in the community.  The goal of the NAP program is to support the needs of older adults. Employee must demonstrate a commitment to serving Dunbar’s clients and to upholding the agency’s mission. 


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Cultivate a warm and friendly environment where seniors feel comfortable engaging in program activities.

  • Provide up to date information on available opportunities.

  • Provide documentation and record-keeping as required by the Onondaga County Department of Adult and Long-Term Care Services (OCDALTCS)

  • Attend trainings and in-services as required by OCDALTCS.

  • Conduct community outreach and engagement activities as required, to include:  referrals, follow-up, and community presentations.  These services should particularly be targeted to hard-to-reach, isolated and homebound populations.

  • Complete program reporting as required.

  • Develop and maintain a list of key contacts and partners within the service area.  Establish a referral system to help connect clients to available resources.

  • Develop and maintain a list of community guest speakers to provide information, opportunities, and resources with seniors.

  • Plan and implement field trips and other activities of interest to seniors.

  • Oath of Confidentiality and Comply with agency policies and procedures

  • Serve meals.

  • Wash, sanitize, and clean kitchen area surfaces, utensils, trays, serving areas and kitchen equipment.  Sweep and dust mop floors.

  • Assist with maintaining attendance and enrollment.

  • Meet regularly with community partners to match participants with opportunities.

  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Associates degree in Human Services or related field with a minimum of three years related experience in Social Work or Senior Services.


Requirements and Skills


  • Ability to apply a range of software such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and any business-related databases at an operational level.

  • Good verbal and written communication skills.

  • Experience working in a mentoring or advisory role.

  • Must be comfortable with public speaking and be able to communicate ideas, advice, and feedback.


Working Arrangements


  • Must possess a valid in-state Driver’s License and car insurance.


Please send Cover letter, resume and (3) References to:

Dunbar Association, Inc.

1453 S. State Street

Syracuse, NY 13205

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